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Japan, Sweat, and Coke.... oh and life i guess.

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Well since i havent written about Japan i should probably do that. i was there for a week. most expensive week of my trip so far :S but i think it was worth every penny... or yen i guess i should say. Anyway we got ourselves a East Japan Rail Pass for 5 days. it was a bit expensive but we made use of it let me tell ya. one day we spent about an hour riding between two stations... i wish i could say we did it just for fun but we just kept picking the wrong train to get on. but no worries we finally found our way. haha we also managed to sneak onto the subway by accident.... thankfully we didnt get in any trouble, when we tried to get out. I have to say i cant wait to get back to Japan in the short week that we were there we did as much as we possibly could but it still wasnt enough. i will for sure go back one day, but the next time i will bring a lot more money and stay longer! While we were there we went to a lot of temples and shrines. We went to Harajuku, that was something, the people dress up like whatever they want to. There was a guy holding a sign that said "free hugs" im pretty sure while you were getting your free hug he would be taking something from your pockets.... just a thought tho. there were also guys there dressed up like Danny from Grease and dance around the Elvis music. If you're ever in Japan its worth seeing at least once. We hit China town as well, it was packed like every other China town in the world, and street vendors were lined up with great treats to sell you. One night we had dinner at a restaurant where we got to sit on the floor, that was a good experience. We also got very drunk and went to a karaoke bar...i shouldnt be singing in front of people and i already knew that but when im drunk it doesnt matter! haha
I flew into Thailand by myself because me and Kaitlyn couldnt get seats on the same flight. i ended up sitting in premium economy class... which is just a step up from economy but it was awesome! it felt like first class to me!
So anyway i landed in Bangkok around 4pm but Kaitlyns flight didnt land until almost mid night so i waited around the airport until her flight got in....
Bangkok was crazy busy... but some great food for cheap prices!! you can get a meal for only a dollar Canadian! We only spent a few days in Bangkok did some shopping, then we took a train down south... a very dirty train. it was an over night train and sleeping in the top bunks is an... experience. there is a chance you may roll right off but they have something there to stop you. We took the train to Krabi, then a bus then a boat over to Phi Phi island.
Phi Phi is just a big party island... it was an expensive island. we spent a few days there then headed to Koh Lanta island! i spent 10 days just relaxing... sitting on the beach reading in a hammock. oh man was it great! and i had the best coconut shakes ever there! it was great!
i then took a boat to Phuket! to me it was just another city, i just spent two days there looking around taking in the city and trying the street food. they have some great night markets there! after that i took a bus back to Bangkok. did some more shopping and people watching.
i have to say ive never sweat so much in my life since ive been in Thailand. i stood in a phone booth for about 10 mins talking to my parents and i was soaked by the time i got out of there, it just crazy. i think i lost 5 pounds just from the times ive had to stand in the phones booths´╝ü
I love Coke... i dont know why. i pretty much stopped drinking it for at least before i left home but now its become one of my favourite things to drink! and drinking it out of a glass bottle seems to make it taste that much better!! Weirdo i know i am but it's so good!
My next adventure was to Cambodia.... and it has been the my lowest point of my trip and almost my breaking point.
I took a train from Bangkok to the city that borders Cambodia i cant remember the name right now... i then took a tuk tuk to the border. and so far everything was good. it was around 6pm when i got there and i had read that the border was only open till 5pm but i thought i was lucky when i found out it was open until 8pm.... i crossed the border just fine. i had pretty much arranged my ride to Siem Reap, so all that was left to do was find a guesthouse to stay the night in Poipet, becuase i didnt want to leave that night becuase i would have arrived in Siem Reap late at night. looking back i should have went, but should have could have would have's wont change anything now. so i get a room at a guesthouse... lock both locks on the door, i had to charge my camera so i took it out and left it on my bed beside me while the battery charged. the plugs were on the wall at the foot of my bed so i had my battery in one and my ipod in the other. when i woke up in the morning my camera was gone... there was horrible music playing really loud in the street, that made me want to kill myself.... so while i was freaking out about my camera i have this god awful music making my ears bleed. i look over where my ipod is supposed to be, and its gone, but then i look down and it had fallen in the garbage can (personally i think it jumped, suicide, because of the music).
what probably happened, cause ill never know the truth, is the windows had bars on them but i didnt know that the glass and the screen could just slide open, so whoever stole my camera must have put something threw the window and hooked it. and i think they may have tried for my ipod but dropped it. i cant tell you how crushed i was, i had over a 1000 pictures from the last few months on the memory card that was in my camera. i wanted to pack up my bags and go home. i was 12 hours into this country and i already wanted to leave... after that i couldnt look at another local without thinking "are you going to steal from me?" still thinking about it makes me sad, and upset but ive just been trying to put it in the past and move on. i bought a new camera in Phnom Penh, so ive started building up the memories again.
I did cut my time down in Cambodia... i did want i wanted to... see Angkor Wat and the Killing Fields and S-21. They are must sees in Cambodia. i did 3 days for the temples but one day is really enough. i got to see everything but i was templed out by the time i left. i spent 2 days getting to the Laos border because they dont tell you that the bus to the border stops in a town 2 hours from the border and you have to stay over night. then the next day you get a bus to the border and if you havent arranged transpo after that youre kinda stuck. because the Laos/Cambodia border crossing there is pretty remote. you walk about 5 mins down the road from where you leave Cambodia to where you enter Laos.. and all you can see is dirt road. i ended up getting a bus to somewhere...i dont even know then a boat to Don Khon... not by choice of course... they where supposed to bring me to Don Kong... so i only stayed there a day then made my way up to Pakse.... where my life flashed before my eyes....
to be continued....

Peace out,

Ps Make love not war.

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