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Ok people ive been traveling for just over 6 months now and i feel the need to share my toilet experinces with you.
dont worry im not going to go into details about pooing and peeing, well ok maybe i am but it wont be as bad as you think.
the first different toilet i experienced was in Australia now this isnt a big deal of course just a different toilet that must be included on the list. In Oz they have half and full flush toilets to save water of course and dont bother asking me which way the water flushes cause i dont have a clue... it sorta splashes all in the middle then gets sucked down.
So i would say the first 5 months of my travels was very good when it comes to toilets. Just gotta make sure you use the full flush when you go number two.
i got a book before i left called "how to shit around the world" so yes i was aware of the different kinds of toilets and that are around the world and i thought reading this book would at least take away some of the shock....
When i landed in Tokyo, Japan i pretty much forgot about different toilets until we were waiting at the airport and i had to pee... and as i started walking toward the bathroom i thought oh shit, there may not be toilets in there... at least the ones im used to....
so when i opened the stall door i was a little surprised to find what i found. yes it was a toilet looked every bit like the ones we have at home... except with a whole lot more buttons.. yes buttons. so i did my business and thought ok how to do i flush this thing? i saw and button, that said splash, one that said bidet, one that said water pressure, and the last said flush sound. now im standing there thinking what the hell? so push the flush sound one and it is exactly what it says... the sound of a toilet flushing. but it did not flush the toilet. now at this point im starting to get a little panicked...i'm not sure how long i stood there over the toilet trying to figure out how to flush it... and i couldnt leave without flushing it thats just wrong and i hate when people dont flush the friggen toilet its not that hard of a thing to do ( in most cases). so im standing there thinking what the hell do i do? but then i decided maybe i should check behind the toilet seat lid... yup felt like a retard after that but its a funny story to tell.
My next experience was when i was a little tipsy... never a good thing to try peeing in a different type of toilet when you're having trouble walking. but you only live once right? haha so this one was pretty much a hole in the ground but flushed.... it was sorta on a slant... so it wasnt totally on the ground... just like a really low toilet. im happy to say i didnt fall in and i didnt pee on myself.
So i figured after that, this whole squatting thing would be a breeze for me. pfft not when the whole is right on the ground. now this time i was at the Tokyo Subway station and i was dying to go pee so i ran into the bathroom and most toilets have "western toilets" the ones at home then the squatting ones.... so i ran in first stall squatting... well turns out they were all squating but they were all the ones that were right on the ground... so i ran into one of the stalls... at this point im not sure if im gonna make it or pee my pants.... but going through my head were the thoughts what if stuff falls out of my pocket? what if i pee on my pants? what if i fall in? damn it! im taking off my pants! stripped down and was never so happy to pee! so thats my solution.. .just take my pants off and its easy as pie....
Well after that experience i figure ok for sure there cant be anymore surprises when it comes to toilets.... haha right that would be to easy. My next experience, the toilet on the train from Bangkok to Krabi, Thailand.....
i knew as soon as i walked into this bathroom the pants were coming off.... it was a stainless steel hole in the ground... with a plat form with a spot for each foot... my balance was tested here... now using this toilet would have been hard enough on solid ground but i was in a moving train... not a very smooth ride. i was banging of those walls in this small box they called a washroom... trying to keep from slipping off and landing in this hole or on the floor for that matter it was so dirty. But again i managed to keep the pee in the toilet and off me! haha by this time im thinking "god i hope it doesnt get worse then this"
We arrive in Koh Lanta after being on Phi Phi island for a few days... the big thing there was they dont put toilet paper in the washrooms... .they have a hose... so you can wash yourself down... but my question is, as much as they may work how do you dry yourself? do you just squat over the toilet for a few minutes and air dry?
Well it works when youre drunk cause you dont really know whats going on anyway... but i prefered getting a roll of toilet paper from 7/11 instead... much faster this way.
So in Koh Lanta we stayed at a nice little place on the beach... in a bungalow as they call it but more like a hut... and the bathroom is attached... well closed in on the back of your hut but its outside... the shower is no big deal... but the toilet was just sorta sitting there in the middle of the "bathroom" but we noticed quickly there was no flushing thing... but what we did notice was a huge bucket of water beside the toilet with a little bucket inside... so we had a toilet we had to flush by dumping water down it... boy was i not looking forward to taking a poo on that sucker....
im not sure about everyone else but im a big fan of actually sitting down on toilets when i go poo and you know what? i wasnt planning on sitting down on that toilet....bugs and stuff.... didnt really feel clean to me.
Im now in Phuket and when i arrived at my hostel and saw a flushing toilet inside the first thought that popped into my head was "im so looking forward to taking a poo later!"

i hope you have all enjoyed my thoughts on the toilets ive experienced so far.... if it was too much information for some of you, well that sucks but i thought it was a need to know sorta thing haha.
peace out,


ps. make love not war.

Posted by hankins16 02:05 Tagged backpacking

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i love you. you know that?
the only thing its missing is "green poo" :D
i do NOT envy you the toilet situations..i would definitely have a hard time with that! you are brave :D
hurry home..u can use my toilet :D I have toilet paper AND u can sit on it


by pixcee

i havent had any green poo in awhile... i just have to find some kind of purple drink to make that happen! haha

by hankins16

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