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Holy crap it's been way too long since my last blog!!

It's been hard to actually take the time to sit down and write... i even find it hard to sit down and write in the journal im carrying with me. I only do it cause i have a crap memory and i actually want to remember all that great things i see! So the last time i wrote was just before i went up to Whitsundays... shit that feels like it was a life time ago!
Well i spent two days and two nights on a fairly big sail boat... with 28 other people from around the world! it was awesome! When we first arrived in Australia it was so weird not having my cell phone... it was my lifeline at home... but then we had to get cell phones again so we had a contact number for jobs...so just as i was getting used to life without a cell phone i get sucked right back into that world... but when i got onto this sail boat... it was back to the world of no cell phones! part of me likes living without a cell phone... nobody can bother you... but at the same time i liked being able to talk to people from home... although i couldnt even text my bestfriend... why? no idea and Vodafone couldnt figure it out either.... oh well life goes on right?
ok so this boat was awesome, at first i was a little worried of getting sea sick... not that i have before but i do get car/bus sick sometimes... but this boat rocked me to sleep at night i loved it! They fed, took us to the Great Barrier Reef, went snorkeling and when the day was over we all got drunk together. One of the beaches they took us to was Whitehaven beach... its just as amazing as they say it is! If you google it you'll know what i mean by what they say it is... haha
I figured travelling i was bound to lose something... well it was my hiking boots. i didnt exactly lose they i just left them at the hostel and didnt realize it until i was at the airport boarding the plane back to Brisbane... i called and they found my boots and weeks later, and in a new country i got my boots back!
When arriving in Brisbane... the domestic airport doesnt stay open all night and the ony way to get anywhere is by taxi and that can get expensive. Lucky for me i was talking to the of the taxi drivers and he told me to ask the guy who puts you in a taxi to go with someone else and get dropped off at the international airport and it would only cost me 10$ and i could stay there for the night. So that is what i did, and to my surprise i had a great sleep! When got into the city the next morning i got a room at one of the hostels i had stayed at before, its a nice place and its cheaper then most other hostels. Now the most common problem with hostels is Bed Bugs... and boy did i get them....when i stayed in Bundy the place i stayed at had a bed bug problem but since i was working at the hostel my room was one of the first to get sprayed for them. The place i was staying i had stayed before and had no problems but really it just depends on who was in that bed before you, they travel through sleeping bags mostly... so if you stay at a hostel that says no to sleeping bags its for good reason. the first two nights werent so bad, i only woke up with a few bites afer the second night so i figured i would be alright for another night.... not so much... my legs were covered in them! Tip for any travellers, how do you know its a bed bug bite and not anohter bug? they bite in threes... you'll have 3 little bite marks in a row... or really close together... Thankfully i got some stuff for the bites to stop me from scratching so i only have a few scars on my legs.
We had 3 days left in Brissy when i got back from Whitsundays, our only plan was to go to the Ausralia Zoo... it rained for three days straight. But that didnt stop us from going to the Zoo! As for the Zoo honestly its over rated. It probably would have been a lot better if Steve was still around cause he would make the shows a lot more exciting... but for the price of the zoo it really isnt worth it. Lets put it this way my favourite thing there was the Otters, they were so cute and playful! You pay 50 Australian dollars to get in plus you have to take a train or a bus there from Brisbane, and it only takes you maybe 2 hours to see the whole zoo, we watched a show twice so it probably takes a lot less time. The Toronto Zoo cost 20$ and you can be in there from open to close!
So after a few wet days in Brissy we flew over to Perth! Yet another Domestic airport that closes... we got in around 1am or so and figured ok we'll just sleep here until the buses start running in the morning. That didnt happen... around 3am they tell us we have to leave theyre closing... so we go outside and sit on a bench... i think it would have cost us 12 dollars to get to the international airport so we were like forget we'll just sit out here... so that we did and as we were sitting there i looked into the airport and checked the times of the next plane and it was at 5am, so i got thinking that if the next plane takes off in 2 hours they have to open up by 4 for people to check in...so we slept leaning on our bags for an hour... and guess what? they opened the airport again... god only knows why they would close it for an hour? and it wasnt to clean cause as we slept in the airport around 6am they started vacuuming around us! We slept there until about 9am when we decide that we should go to our hostel... so we ask a lady how to get there and she wants to offer us a shuttle for 15 dollars but that the guy at our hostel just said to take the city bus, the lady told us to get on a certain bus so we did once we started driving we asked the bus driver how far it was from our hostel and he said he didnt go near there... but he ended up asking on his radio how to get there it only took us a few hours but we finally got there! We pretty much spent the day sleeping.. the next day we were leaving for our 7 day bus tour up to Exmouth!
i finally got to try Kangaroo! and it was awesome! that was at the end of our bus tour, we stayed on a farm got drunk and had one great meal! It was awesome! We went sandboarding on the sand dunes, we fed dolphins at Monkey Mia, we went snorkeling with turtles and sting rays, we drank every night... haha and just got to see what WA is about!
When we returned to Perth, we ate and slept until the next day, where we just wondered around Perth checking out the sights. That night we went on a party bus, you pay 10$ and this bus takes you to a club and you can drink and you can drink all night! let me tell you i got way too drunk, and my travelling buddy was MIA. it was probably one of the best and worst nights of my life, i couldnt find kaitlyn and calling her was pointless cause all she would tell me was she doesnt know where she is... and sounded really crazy.she didnt come back until 8.30 the next morning... i had passed out around 4, she ended up walking/running into another city, she thought people were chasing her and she was hiding in bushes and behind peoples houses. it was crazy and i hope it never happens again.
Our Flight left on my Birthday midnight to melbourne, so i spent Sunday in Fremantle just checking out the markets and walking around, i would love to get back there for sure. So we flew into Melbourne around 5.35am, we were picked up at the airport, and stayed with a distant cousin that i got a hold of threw my Grandma. We spent only 3 days in Melbourne, we did the Great Ocean Road tour, it was a day long tour and worth it for sure. There are something that you have to see in certain places well this is one of them. the next day as i could feel myself getting sick we flew to Auckland, New Zealand! We were so happy to finally be moving onto a new Country!
We were picked up at the airport by Kaitlyns great aunt and uncle, we were so happy again not to have to find our way from the airport. the first few days i was really sick and just wanted to sleep. so thats what i did. we went out looking for jobs after i started to feel better, because it was so close to Christmas when we arrived all the seaonal jobs where already taken so we decided just to enjoy the north island and see as much as we could.

Next blog i shall touch on what has been happening in New Zealand.

Peace out,

ps make love not war.

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