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Bundy, Tomatoes and back to Brissy

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Well ive been travelling for almost two months now and it still feels like i just walked off the plane yesterday in Sydney! about two weeks ago i made my way up to Bundaberg a very small town about 10 hours north of Brisbane, in promise of work (fruit picking) only to find out when i got there they had lied to us and they had no work :( Lucky for me i was travelling with a new friend i had met at the job i was working at before, her name is Laura and shes from England, we managed to find a hostel called Dingo Blue with a very nice manager who let us work for our accommodation until more work came in. So we spent about two weeks cleaning, bathrooms, the kitchen but our biggest task was cleaning the rooms, we had to scrub down the walls cause people are gross little bit of throw up and a little bit of poop just to give you an idea. Anyway we all had to strip the beds sprayed them down with bed bug spray which smells horrible. and did you know people poop in the shower? i kid you not....so in Bundy there are only two things to see one the Rum distillery and the turtles... but the turtles are only there at a certain time of the year and it wasnt the time that i was there :( but i did take advantage of the the Rum Distillery! It was a great tour however after getting drunk on rum one too many times the smell of rum isnt my most favourite smell so when the tour guides were telling everyone to take it all in and just smell that sweet smell in the air, i prefered to hold my breath! i feared losing my coco puffs i had eaten for brekky. Now keeping in mind that ive gotten drunk one too many times on rum it still doesnt stop me from drinking it... and who says no to free rum?? not me!! i got to try two different rums! i did however get a little tipsy after the taste testing and walked a good hour back to my hostel stopping at parks along the way... swings and slides even more fun when you've good booze running through your blood. i also stood on a bridge staring at the water cause it was so green and i thought there must be crocs in there and its a good thing Tasha has told me more than once to always put the strap around my wrist so i dont drop my camera... cause otherwise my camera would have been in the water that may or may not have had crocs in it....
an interesting fact i thought people should know is the reason they dont export Bundy rum is cause the demand for it is so high in Australia that if they were to export it they wouldnt have enough to keep the Aussies happy! right now they have 300 vats of rum theyre hoping by this time next year theyll have 600 so they can export but i dont know those Aussies sure do like their rum!
What can i say about tomato picking?? well ive never liked tomatoes... nothing about them ever made me want to eat them and people who eat them like apples that just gross! the smell of tomotes is gross, add a little heat and it just gets worse. but i thought i can get over this just grab the tomatoes as fast as i can dont breathe in when im looking at the tomato bush and everything will be fine.... then grabbed a rotten tomato my fingers went right in it... wasnt very nice.... the worst part of the whole experience is that cause of the lack of tomatoes to be picked i was making all of what worked about to be about 5 dollars in hour.... i woke up the next day after my first day of picking and my legs could hardly move they were so stiff!it took two days of working them out for the pain to go away. now i knew i would get dirty from this job but i never realized how dirty! i didnt wear gloves, cause well im stupid no other reason... the dirt was caked onto my hands, my arms, my neck, my face... and you start the day by putting on lots and lots of sunscreen but half way through the day you needed more cause it was bloody hot out there... but cause my hands were so dirty it was just like rubbing dirt all over myself! and i still managed to burn my back! to get clean i would have to wash my hands for a good ten minutes then take a shower and after that i still felt dirty!
So now im back in Brissy my favourite city in Australia so far... my home away from home! i only wish everyone i know could know what it feels like just to spend a day walking around Brisbane! i could just walk for hours and sometimes i do... South Bank is my favourite spot to just sit by the water and read.... although these days i can pretty much sit and read anywhere.
Im on the hunt for yet another job to get some funds for Western Australia then we're off to New Zealand! Now as much as i love it here im really excited to move on! i just cant wait to see what else is out there to see and im really looking forward to Asia!
Ive found a new place to live for the next few weeks here in Brissy, its in the Valley about 45 minute walk from the city.... im excited for a new place to explore, but i will be back to visit south bank, gotta make sure i get my fill of wicked bananas (bananas with chocolate in the middle ) before i leave!

Peace out,


ps make love not war. :)

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