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Brissy....Brekky....and Milky Milky time!

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Well its been too long since i wrote my last blog so i figured i should sit my ass down and tell you peoples whats been going on in my world travels! so in my last blog i wrote that i was in Brisbane which i where i still am. its a great city lots to see... it seems like a big city but not a lot of people in it because i see the same people all the time... i find that a little scary. Anyway so im working at Aussie Farmers Direct, im a milkman hence the milky milky time in the title...its what the german girls at work say all the time its pretty funny. So ive been working there just over a week and ive met some great people from Brissy as i go door to door selling them Aussies finest milk and bread. and ive also met a lot of people from around the world because the people that make up Aussie Farmers Direct are pretty much all backpackers from all over the world... even met a fellow Canadian which made me very happy! but im sad to say that ill be leaving this job by the end of the week because you only get paid by the sales you make so you never know how much money youre gonna make.... so myself and one of the British girls i work with are heading north about 10 hours away from Brissy we're gonna work on farms! it'll be hard work but ill be paid by the hour and it will keep me busy and i wont spend my money cause ill be in the country so im very excited! we're leaving Friday night by bus. so while in Brissy ive pretty muched walked around the whole city... its a great way to see everything and be outside at the same time... south bank is one of my favourite places especially on the weekend because they have the weekend markets which are awesome! i got a wicked banana which is a banana with chocolate in the middle! what what! how awesome is that! also i came across a place that sells a chip sandwich (fries on bread with ketchup) :S i havent tried it yet but i will! haha i find it funny that they call ketchup tomato sauce... oh and while we were in the van at work going out to sell our bread and milk everyone in the van was either from england, irleand or Australia and we stopped at mcdonalds and they all say Mac Donalds and i was you guys are aware that its actually MC donalds no MAC... theyre like really?? and im like yup it was fun...there were a few other words they say that were different and i let them in on the Candian way of saying things haha
ill miss the people the most when i leave this job cause theyre awesome and fun and a bunch of drunks... they work for beer for the most part and when we get beer for getting so many sales we start drinking in the van on the way back to the office.... fun times ( dont worry the driver never drinks in the van)
so in south bank besides these awesome markets they have a ferris wheel a smaller version of the london eye... and a path that is basically in a tunnel of flowers it looks awesome (ill post pics on facebook) and it leads you to a man made beach which is always packed, and a buch of different places to eat. when you get to the end there is a maritime museum which has a bunch of old ships from the war... i havent been in it yet but i probably will before i leave.
what ive noticed about Australia, Brisbane especially... is they are really fit people. they have bike lanes on almost all of their roads... they have really nice jogging and bike paths along the water. i see people run everyday... a lot of people run i think its awesome.
We went to a fre museum, in south bank and i just found out there is another one in the city so i might hit there before i go to work tomorrow, and maybe go to the art gallery they day after.
on sunday we went to lone pine Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary... i got to cuddle a Koala and hang out with some kangaroos! i was chased my an emu... then tried to get over my fear by touching it... cause if i cant even face a emu ill never be able to face an ostrich... so i touch it scary moment im still neverous tho.... one day ill get over my fear one day!
we still have to go to the Australia Zoo but its a bit pricey so its gonna have to wait till i get back from working on the farms.
we've changed a few of our plans... we had planned on staying in japan for a month but its gonna cost too much to live there so we've decided to add time to Australia and New Zealand to give us more time to work. our plan is to stay in another month on this side of OZ then go over to Western Australia and jsut do touristy things before heading to New Zealand!
Today is Kaitlyn's birthday and shes sick... i had taken the day off work to go out tonight cause shes is determined to go out... so shes back at the hostel sleeping right now :S we'll see what happens i guess.
well who knew that in Australia they only have one size pizza.... a large pizza... but its in between a small and medium size pizza in Canada... so strange... it cost 9.95 and they have some specials like on tuesdays they're 5.00$ or they have daily speicals for 3.95 just on a certain type of pizza... so seeing as today is tuesday here im gonna have me some pizza for dinner!
doing door to door sales in Australia although boring like any other place does have its perks... ive seen kangaroos on peoples front lawns.... lizards on door steps, bats 3 times as big as the ones back home flying above my head! awesome i tell ya!
i have to say that everything really is backwards down here... i found myself getting a library card.... i lost my library card at home and never got a new one cause i never went there.... i spend at least an hour everyday in the library here and i read ALL the time! its crazy!
oh i almost forgot! we have this great little corner store right near our hostel that we get our brekky at every morning! baked beans and toast!! haha yay for cheap food!!

so ill leave you with a quote from my trip...

me and kaitlyn walking home in the dark from work one night,

Kaitlyn: thats the smallest lizard ive ever seen!
me: thats not a lizard....
Kaitlyn: what is it then?

  • small dark object hurries past our feet*

me:that was a cockroach...
kailtyn:oh... thats the biggest cockroach ive ever seen!!

haha fun times!!

peace out


ps make love not war!

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